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Monday, July 19, 2010 - 6.30 GMT

North, East record highest GDP growth rate


The highest GDP growth rate was recorded in the North (14.1 percent) and East (14 percent) in 2009 due to the accelerated development drive in the Provinces with the restoration of peace after nearly thirty years of terrorism.

The contribution of the Northern Province to the GDP improved slightly to 3.3 per cent in 2009 compared to 3.2 per cent in 2008. ‘This was a positive development that may be observed since the ending of the 30 year old conflict’, the Central Bank said in its latest report. There was no significant expansion of the contribution of the Northern Province to GDP as the impact of the improvement in consumer and investor confidence in the aftermath of the war will only be felt by the economy with a time lag, the report added.

According to the latest Gross Domestic Product figures, the Western Province contributed 45.1 percent (Rs. 2,178 billion), the highest percentage, to the country’s overall economy valued at Rs. 4,825 billion in 2009.

The North Western province made the second highest contribution to GDP at 10.3 percent (Rs. 495 billion) followed by the Southern province at 10.2 percent (Rs.492 billion), Central province at 9.6 percent (Rs. 465 billion), Sabaragamuwa 6.3 percent (Rs.303 billion), Eastern province 5.8 percent (Rs. 281 billion), North Central province 4.8 percent (Rs. 232 billion), Uva province 4.6 percent (Rs. 220 billion) while the Northern province had the smallest share with 3.3 percent (Rs. 159 billion).

Even though the Western province account for the highest share of GDP so far, the performance in 2009 indicates a reduction in the disparity among provinces, stated the Central Bank in its report.

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