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Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 05.40 GMT

God devoted the seventh day to create Sri Lanka – Manila Times


Anyone visiting the varied tourist attractions served up in Sri Lanka would be quite in order to think that God created the world in six days and devoted the seventh entirely to this paradise island that is suspended breathtakingly like a teardrop in the Indian Ocean, a feature article in Manila Times said.

Since the end of the three-decade long secessionist conflict in 2009, that took its toll in blood and tears, there has been a dramatic turnaround in the security situation with normality quickly restored and every part of the country now open for unimpeded business.

To showcase this important development globally, the Sri Lankan government has declared this year as “Refreshingly Sri Lanka, Visit Sri Lanka 2011”—though the positive message had already got around because last year the country reached its target of 600,000 visitors, with revenues earned from tourism in 2010 estimated at over $700,000 making it an important contributor to the country’s economic development, the article said.

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