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Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 05.55 GMT

SL to create green jobs


Sri Lanka Labour Ministry and the International Labour Organization is to look for ways to create more 'green jobs' and provide skills for workers in environmentally friendly enterprises.

Moving the Sri Lankan economy onto an environmentally sustainable and low carbon development path will change the socio-economic structures of the country and trigger labour market shifts, the ILO said in a statement.

This will include the creation of new job opportunities, creating demand for new skills and re-skilling programmes, as well as specific measures to facilitate a just transition for workers, employers and enterprises.

The two agencies will host a workshop from January 24 to 25 to discuss ways of supporting environmentally, economically and socially sustainable enterprises and development, and the creation of more green jobs.

The conference also aims to identify existing government policies that could promote the creation of green jobs in the island and facilitate a smooth transition to a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly economy for enterprises and workers.

ILO’s Green Jobs Project is being implemented in four other Asian countries including Bangladesh Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines.







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