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Tuesday, February 08, 2011 - 5.45 GMT

CIS, Lanka’s biggest tea importer


The Commonwealth of Independent States continued to remain the largest importer of Sri Lankan tea in 2010, accounting for 77.2 m/kgs of the total exports of 314.2 m/kgs.

According to officials and brokers, UAE (30.2 m/kgs down from 31.1 m/kgs in 2009) and Iran (28.69 m/kgs, compared to a slightly lower 28.62 m/kgs in 2009) were in second and third positions. Syria (27.1 m/kgs), Turkey (19 m/kgs) and Jordan (17.6 m/kgs) were the other main importers. Sri Lankan tea exports to Turkey and Jordan have jumped significantly, while those to Syria and UAE witnessed a marginal dip.

Analyzing exports of each category, Forbes and Walker Tea Brokers, said that tea in bulk and in packets totaling 267.7 m/kgs (in 2010) was the single largest component and showed a growth of 24.8 m/kg. Green tea exports too grew well, it said.

This week's Sri Lankan auction (February 1-2) totaled 7.5 m/kgs. There was good demand at irregular rates, brokers said.







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Last modified: February 08, 2011.

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