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Wednesday, February 09, 2011 - 9.05 GMT

Dam safety to be ensured


Sri Lanka will expand its dam safety program to cover more large reservoirs.

The current project funded with a 7,500 million rupee interest free credit from the World Bank, covers 32 out of 80 large reservoirs deemed to be most in need of rebuilding or having their safety improved. Talks with the World Bank to expand the project will begin next week, quoting the Head of Sri Lanka's Dam Safety and Water Resources Planning Project D C S Alakanda, ‘Lanka Business’ reported.

While the current dam safety project covered 32 water bodies safety equipment, boats, emergency communications and power facilities have been provided to other dams as well, he said.

The report said that almost all reservoirs needed larger canals to evacuate excess water and a study is now underway to find out what changes needed to be done in the long term, according to the Minister of Irrigation & Water Resources Management Nimal Siripala de Silva.

Dam safety officials were also planning to make inundation maps for all reservoirs and publish them to help resident know what areas would go under water if a dam was breached.






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