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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 5.01 GMT

Canadians expect immigration law enforcement  - Kenney


Canadians expect us to enforce immigration law and make sure people who may constitute a security risk are not released, stated Canada’s Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in response to allegations that the Canadian government is using tactics to continue the detention of MV Sun Sea Tamil asylum seekers.

He added that he would tell government lawyers to continue using a tactic a Federal Court judge said went too far, CTV News reported.

“We make no apologies about this,” Kenney said.

According to The Vancouver Sun, the federal government had appealed for review of the federal court decision to release two detainees identified as B188 and B386, which meant the migrants had to stay in custody pending a decision.

The Immigration and Refugee Board found that there was no credible suspicion they were a security threat, and ordered their release in November. The government appealed, and the federal court upheld the release order.

But the government launched another appeal at the Federal Court.

Jennifer Bourque, a spokeswoman for the Canada Border Services Agency, said the government "does not take the decision to seek continued detention lightly" but will take such action if a migrant's identity has not been confirmed, is a potential flight risk or poses a danger to the public.

"Protecting the integrity of our borders and the safety of Canadians is CBSA's highest priority," Bourque said.

Opposition MP Ujjal Dosanjh said the government should be concerned about security risks that some Tamils pose, the report said.

“We all hate terrorism. We all want to be safe. But government shouldn’t be undermining institutions that are there for the protection of us all,” Dosanjh said.

In a press conference in Vancouver, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he wouldn’t comment on anything that was before the courts.

492 Tamil refugee claimants arrived on the M.V. Sun Sea in August. Of those, 95 still remain in custody.







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