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Friday, February 25, 2011 - 5.09 GMT

Charter to fly SL expatriates from Libya


The Government is in the process of arranging a charter flight to bring back 418 Sri Lankan currently stranded in Libya, Foreign Ministry sources said.

According to these sources, over 400 Sri Lankan expatriate workers stranded in Libya have sought the Government’s help to return to the country.

In addition, Sri Lanka also intends to send a passenger ship to evacuate the stranded Sri Lankan workers in Libya, Morocco and Egypt as the situation in these countries is worsening.

This passenger ship would reach Malta which is the closest Port to Libya to facilitate the evacuation of stranded Sri Lankans. The Government is looking into a number of avenues to get all stranded Sri Lankans in Libya evacuated.

46 Sri Lankan expatriate workers who were working in a foreign company have already been rescued by a ship owned by the same company and they are returning to the country. It was also revealed that the Government’s attempt to seek the assistance from the IOM to get these stranded Sri Lankans released failed as the organization has already left the Libya due to prevailing situation.

The Ministry of External Affairs works in close coordination with Sri Lanka Embassies in Libya, Egypt and Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment(SLBFE) in order to ensure the safety, security and welfare of Sri Lankan expatriates in Libya. All the arrangements have been put in place for the evacuation of Sri Lankans should a necessity arises.

The SLBFE has appointed a committee to coordinate the evacuation round the clock through the External Affairs Ministry.







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Last modified: February 25, 2011.

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