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Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 09.50 GMT

Allegations made without evidence
- SL High Com to HRW Director


The Sri Lankan High Commission in New Delhi, India stated that the allegations of South Asian Director of Human Rights Watch against the Sri Lankan government, Army and Air Force on fishing in Northern waters and war crimes, published in The Asian Age, are made without an iota of evidence.

Here is the text of the response:

The news report ‘Sri Lanka attacks on fisherman are a wake-up call to India’ (February) by Meenakshi Ganguly leveled a series of tendentious accusations and allegations against the government of Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Army and the Air Force without an iota of evidence.

With reference to Ms Ganguly's interpretations on the fisherman issue, the joint statement issued at the end of the Sri Lanka visit of the Indian foreign secretary on January 30-31, 2011, reflects the sentiments of both countries and facts on the matter: "The Sri Lanka authorities emphasized in this regard that it is the consistent policy of Sri Lanka to treat to all fisherman, including those from the Indian fishing community, who cross the Sri Lanka waters in a humanitarian manner.

Given the very close bilateral relationship between the two countries, any development which impacts on the well being of the Indian fishing community pursuing their livelihoods in the waters between the two countries is of utmost concern to Sri Lanka".

Ms. Ganguly's attempt to project the Channel Four video as an authentic film shot in Sri Lanka seems motivated. She has completely ignored that the alleged video could have been recorded anywhere in the world. To show a dead body and conclude that he or she was summarily executed, or to conclude that a female combatant was a victim of sexual assault just because the trouser of a female combatant was lowered in a photograph is mischievous.





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