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Friday, March 18, 2011 - 05.35 GMT

Canada deports 2nd LTTE suspect


A second Tamil migrant from the MV Sun Sea was ordered deported Thursday after admitting that he was a member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam during the early 1990s.

The man ordered deported had trained with the LTTE for a year, including six months with its naval arm, the Sea Tigers, the Immigration and Refugee Board heard, according to Vancouver Sun.

After four months, he told his bosses that he wanted to quit and was punished by being sent to wash dishes for 16 months before being discharged, the board was told.

In her decision, board adjudicator Daphne Shaw Dyck said even though the migrant had never engaged in battle, his training and his role with the Tigers was "unambiguous," making him inadmissible to Canada.

The LTTE considered a terrorist organization and is banned in Canada.

Last week, another Tamil migrant was ordered deported after he, too, was found to have been a member of the Tigers in the 1990s.

The Canadian government is seeking the removal of more than 40 of the Sun Sea migrants, mostly on the grounds of membership with the Tigers or serious criminality.

Meanwhile, one of only two Tamil women still in detention since the Sun Sea's arrival last summer was ordered released on Thursday. Earlier this week, the board agreed to keep the woman the mother of two children in detention after the government argued that it needed more time to investigate a necklace the woman brought with her.

The government said the woman's pendant or thali had features that suggested it was only given to members of the Tamil Tigers.

But Sonya Sunger, a representative for the Canada Border Services Agency, told the board Thursday that an outside expert's analysis of the pendant was "inconclusive."

Sunger tried to keep the woman in detention on grounds that the woman was a flight risk. She argued that the woman's credibility was a problem because she had withheld information to federal officers, including the activities of her husband, who Sunger alleged travelled with "high-ranking" LTTE members.







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