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Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 05.40 GMT

Action beyond UN resolution unacceptable - GL


Any action taken beyond the UNSC Resolution 1973 objective is not acceptable, External Affairs Minister Prof G L Peiris said yesterday in Parliament on air strikes in Libya by coalition forces.

He was responding to an adjournment motion moved by UPFA National list MP A H M Azwer.

“We feel empathy for the people of Libya. The action today has been taken in accordance with a UN Security Council resolution”.

But this authority given to them is not an open ended authority but it is restricted. Action should be taken to protect the civilians in Libya. Another matter is that the suffering of the Libyan people should be relieved by these actions. But the question is, have those people felt relief as a result of those air strikes?, he asked.

‘It has worsened their suffering’, Prof. Peiris stated.

I would like to point out that the political relations are crucial at this time. We hope that the Libyan Government will soon come out with a solution to this problem. It should be a fair solution that serves the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Libya.






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