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Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 04.51 GMT

January export earnings up 72%
Growing momentum in all sectors


Export earnings in January marked a significant 72 percent growth accounting close to US $ 900 million compared to the corresponding month last year.

Central Bank Deputy Governor Dharma Dheerasinghe said this is a remarkable growth for Sri Lanka’s export earnings.

“This is the first time the country recorded a higher export growth compared to the import growth,” quoting Mr. Dheerasinghe Daily News reported.

There is a growing momentum in each sector and if the impetus continues we could expect an annual growth of 50 percent. These economic activities indicate that the country is harnessing the benefits of the post- conflict era in an impressive manner.

Commodity prices have shown an impressive growth. Rubber prices recorded its highest during the first two months. Due to the weather, tea production indicated a reduction.

With the improvements in all sectors of the country the per capita income of people will also increase gradually or even before the targets.

Last year the average per capita income was close to US $ 2,500. As a result of the expansion of income levels of the public, consumption levels will also increase. Hence, it is important to increase production of the country. The opening of the Northern and Eastern provinces to the country’s economy has contributed commendably with fisheries and dairy products. The contribution of these two provinces has reduced the prices of some products while providing a continuous supply.

As the country is poised for a rapid economic growth in all sectors it is vital to utilize maximum available resources, which was not counted in our national economy for the past three decades, Dheerasinghe told Daily News.

It is also important to encourage non-traditional products as well. With the developments in ports, IT and BPO industries export earnings as well as economic activities within the country will increase drastically.

The services sector should be uplifted along with exports of production.






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Last modified: March 24, 2011.

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