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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 05.45 GMT

Sun Sea migrant performed in LTTE movie


One of the Tamil migrants from the MV Sun Sea performed in an elaborate video production promoting the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the Immigration and Refugee Board has been told.

The dramatization -available on YouTube and apparently shown to some of the cargo ship's passengers, the Province reported.

"This is not a regular movie made for pure entertainment . . . or an artistic endeavour by a filmmaker," said Becky Chan, a representative of the Canada Border Services Agency, which is seeking the man's deportation.

Chan said that while the man may not have been a formal member of the Tigers, his role in the film and other activities -including providing martial arts instruction for LTTE -helped advance the cause of the Tigers. One does not have to have received specific training or engaged in combat to be considered a member of a terrorist organization, Chan told the board Friday.

Friday's admissibility hearing is the fourth to be held since the arrival of 492 Tamil migrants on the Sun Sea last August.

The Canada Border Services Agency has so far requested admissibility hearings for about 40 of the migrants, mostly on the grounds that they were members of LTTE or committed serious crimes, including war crimes, while abroad. Of the three who have had their admissibility hearings, two were ordered deported, though there are still appeals in progress. The migrant at the centre of Friday's hearing cannot be identified due to a publication ban.

Chan said the movie was shot at various LTTE camps and was distributed abroad, including in Canada. While LTTE fighters are treated with "reverence" in the video, the Sri Lankan Army members are depicted as ruthless "villains," who speak such terse lines as: "Order them to kill everyone," and "Do not allow anyone to escape," Chan said.

The hero of the movie blows himself up at a Sri Lankan government site, she said.







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