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Friday, January 06, 2012 - 7.37 GMT

Funds raised via CSE up 65% in 2011


Funds raised by corporate Sri Lanka via the Bourse in 2011 hit an unprecedented all time high of Rs. 47.17 billion, whilst the number of new investors almost doubled.

As per data released by Colombo Stock Exchange yesterday, the amount via Rights Issue last year was Rs. 28.01 billion, up from Rs. 24.3 billion in 2010. M0ney raised via Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) was Rs. 19. 1 billion up from Rs. 4.3 billion.

Both form of fund raising were a record whilst the combined figure too hit an all time high of Rs. 47.17 billion, up by Rs. 18.5 billion or 65% over 2010.

This higher fund raising was supported by 13 IPOs as against 8 in 2010 whilst overall listing grew to 272 from 242. Last year saw 16 equity introductions compared to 2 in 2010.

Another positive development was the high increase in new investors. The number of CDS accounts opened last year was 112, 473, almost double the figure opened in 2010 of 57, 283.

Reflecting an almost half a million, the number of local individuals as at 31, December 2011 was 492, 734 up from 410, 936.







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Last modified: January 06, 2012.

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