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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - 4.13 GMT

Channel 4 footage simply smells fake Michael Robers


The Channel 4 footage simply smelled "fake" because it purported to convey events occurring in the last stages of Eelam War IV in 2008-09.During that phase the SL armed forces were not only well knitted, but were in command of the situation and had taken control of many buildings in the northern Vanni, especially in the town of Kilinochchi, which had been abandoned by the LTTE once Paranthan fell in late December 2008, Michael Roberts said.

SL army torturing would, in my speculative reasoning, have occurred within closed doors. On this ground I thought then that this set of images indicated a killing of a dissident or deserter by the LTTE, acts which were frequent in Thamililam from 1990 through to 2009 and which have been documented over the years by the UTHR collective; and which are even stressed by Gordon Weiss himself in The Cage (2011: 69, 141-42), he said in an article titled "Visual Evidence: Torture Image on Channel 4....and Weiss".

There is reasonable ground to conjecture that this segment of Killing Fields is a LTTE production developed as part of its propaganda operations in late 2008. The three reasons for this verdict are (a) the resort to open-air torture and execution with the use of a tree as a stanchion; (b) the presence of a soldier wearing slippers; and (c) information garnered by Nadesan from well-placed sources within the LTTE camp. Such threads do not, of course, enable a definitive verdict; but they are strongly indicative. At the very least they indicate that the jury should remain out on any conclusion about the perpetrators of this atrocity, Roberts further said.

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