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Monday, January 23, 2012 - 8.36 GMT

US students “thrilled to be” in SL to study biological & plant science


A group of American students and professors from the University of Dubuque in Iowa arrived in Sri Lanka recently as environmental tourists, taking part in a curriculum that includes a two-week field course in Sri Lanka.

The visit is part of an effort to broaden educational exchanges between Sri Lanka and the United States which in turn will lead to an expansion of research opportunities for students in both countries, states the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington.

Diversity and global learning have become popular methods of study within the United States, and the students are expected to gain an insight on indigenous biological and plant expertise at the University of Colombo and University of Peradeniya as part of their educational experience.

The University of Dubuque recognizes that Sri Lanka is an ideal location for research, because of its history, complex ecosystems, and its long rooted traditional values to conserve nature packed into a small island.

The professors in this tour state that “We are thrilled to use beautiful Sri Lanka as a large class room”. This firsthand experience is far greater than one could get from a text book or from the internet.

The goals of the exchange include attaining abettor understanding of Sri Lankan culture and contemporary society, promoting “Educational Tourism,” in Sri Lanka and creating environmental awareness and conservation. The class work is also designed to provide an opportunity to develop future collaboration with Sri Lankan universities and research programs and promote Sri Lanka as an ecological and conservation education hub.





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