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Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 6.36 GMT

USAID assists Trincomalee food producers


Three Trincomalee food producers received certificates for good manufacturing practices under the Sri Lanka Standards Code for food hygiene, after attending a USAID-supported seminar on “Increasing Market Access by Upgrading Your Business with Required Standards.” The certificates will help the producers gain new access to markets, meaning higher profits.

“I never even dreamt of getting this certificate: USAID provided me with tremendous support, encouragement and guidance,” said Sisira Sweets owner, K. G. Ranjith Sisira Kumara. Kumara ran his business from a makeshift hut before the recent training provided by the USAID, but now maintains hygienic work spaces.

“The aim of this initiative was to encourage SME certification by clarifying its benefits and explaining how it is acquired,” said James F Bednar, Mission Director for USAID Sri Lanka.

Certified food producers enjoy improved access to supermarkets and other outlets, resulting in higher sales and profits, and more secure jobs for employees. SMEs in other lines of business may see comparable benefits, which flow through to their suppliers in the form of increased sales.





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