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Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 5.17 GMT
Special instructions to manage fuel, electricity expenses


In the context of revised fuel and electricity prices in the local market, all Government Institutions should limit their consumption of fuel and electricity as a priority, says the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

The Ministry emphasized that this is a national responsibility entrusted on all Government Institutions.

The objective of the Government by this measure is to save the valuable foreign exchange spent on importing fuel for transportation and generating electricity.

In addition to this, the Government expects that institutions coming under it should pay more attention on alternative energy sources and improve such facilities while taking suitable steps to introduce efficient technical methods of fuel/electricity consumption.

The Department of National Budget has issued a circular on 16.02.2012 giving instructions to set an example to the country by the public sector. The Budget Circular holds the Secretaries to Ministries responsible for using fuel/electricity in a more efficient and cost effective manner.





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