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Friday, March 02, 2012 - 5.07 GMT
Demand for hybrid vehicles sees over 1000% growth in 2011


Sri Lanka’s demand for hybrid vehicles during the year 2011, has risen by 1200% compared to the year 2010.

Accordingly, the country has imported 5927 hybrid vehicles during last year, compared to just 438 vehicles imported in 2010.

A study conducted by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce has identified Japan as the leading supplier of hybrid vehicles to the country during 2011, covering almost all categories except for cars with a cylinder capacity exceeding 2000 cc, where Germany is the main supplier.

“The growth momentum is likely to continue with the increase in fuel prices”, added the Chamber in a media release issued.

Overall, the demand for vehicles in 2011 in the country has been at a higher level with the import bill of vehicles and parts during the same year rising to Rs. 218 billion, a growth compared to just Rs. 117 billion spent on 2010.

The Department of Motor Traffic has registered 525,421 new vehicles during the year under review.

Meanwhile, vehicles imported to transport goods between 5 -20 tones, have also recorded a massive increase of over 1000%.

Number of such vehicles imported has increased from 4359 in 2010 to 48,384 in 2011.

The Chamber study has found that the high demand for small vehicles in Sri Lanka continuing.




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Last modified: March 02, 2012.

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