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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 5.20 GMT
SL issue blown out of proportion Indian readers


The Sri Lankan issue is being blown out of proportion. The UPA government should not be swayed by Tamil Nadu's political parties which have done more harm than good to the Sri Lankan Tamil cause. Sri Lanka was not at war. It was only dealing with an internal problem, write a reader of the Hindu.

What is ironical is the resolution calling for action against those responsible for human rights violations during the last phase of the 2009 campaign is being moved by the U.S. and European countries which do not have a particularly good record on the rights front, George Simon Britto from Vellore further said.

Another reader, Deshabhimani Rao from Bangalore says a country's foreign policy should be dictated by long-term national interests. The government of the day should not be swayed by the dictates of coalition politics or narrow interests, and definitely not by the emotions stirred up by regional parties.

Let us not forget that our friendly neighbour fought a long and dirty war imposed on it by a terrorist organisation, which caused untold misery to a whole generation of its own fellow citizens. Intimidation, terror and mayhem marked the LTTE's language. War is an ugly business and the inadvertent killing of innocents is one of the few side effects. Terrorist organisations know this full well when they challenge the sovereign authority of a legitimate government. The LTTE assassinated one of our former Prime Ministers. Should we waste our sympathy on its cadre?

The Centre's decision to vote in favour of the resolution on promoting reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka at the U.N. Human Rights Council should not have been taken due to coalition compulsions. The government should consider whether its action voting for or against will enable it to hold Sri Lanka accountable, M. Vignesh from Chennai says.

Jetling Yellosa from Nizamabad is of the view that a government should not take a decision under political pressure. If India backs the U.N. resolution moved by the U.S., it will certainly lose an ally. In fact, a vote against Sri Lanka will only aggravate the ethnic divisions in the island nation. Instead of voting for the resolution, India should convince the Sri Lankan government to expedite relief and resettlement of the Tamils who have suffered heavily since 1983.





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