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Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 5.54 GMT
Census results to be released in three stages


The Census and Statistics Department is to release the first ever island wide census in 30 years in three stages.

The Department is currently engaged in carrying out the 14th population and housing census. The final stage of the census commenced on February 27.

Additional Director General of the Department, H. R. Gunasekera has said the results of the island wide census would be released in three stages and the first would be a general figure on the country's population.

He has informed that data about household and other information would follow the general figure. Data related to internet usage and migration is to be released in the third and final sage.

This is the first population and housing census carried out throughout the entire island following the end of the three-decade long war.

The Department carried out a census covering only 18 districts in 2001 due to the war in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

The last nationwide census in Sri Lanka was conducted in 1981.






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