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Monday, April 16, 2012 - 4.52 GMT
Sri Lanka should be allowed to find its own long term and permanent solution Tamil expatriate


"Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and should be allowed to find its own long term and permanent solution to its ethnic problem without outsiders, forcing their will on the country," said Veterinary Surgeon Noel Nadesan of Victoria said.

Mr. Nadesan, from Tamil community migrated to Australia in early 1987 and operates a successful veterinary practice. He edited and published a Tamil fortnightly newspaper and has written four books, one of which has been translated into English, on his experiences as a vet.

According to Times of Oman, Copies of his newspaper had been burnt and he had been threatened over his moderate views by detractors. Following the conclusion of Sri Lanka's conflict, he has built a small hospital at his own expense in the island of Eluvaitivu, his birthplace, in the country's north.

He was confident of Sri Lanka finding its own home grown solution to the problem and said the Sri Lanka government has the power and the mandate from the people to do it. He said that the government has to have a proper long term plan on devolution and decentralisation of power, economy and culture.

He pointed out that the UNHRC's resolution would turn out to be counter-productive because the US which brought the resolution, and its supporters were trying to foist their own solution on Sri Lanka.

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