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Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 10.11 GMT
SL High Commissioner wins Diplomat of the Year for Asia


Sri Lankan High Commissioner in London Dr. Chris Nonis won the Diplomat of the year from Asia award at a ceremony held in London.

Dr. Nonis won the award last night (April 25) at the Diplomat Magazine’s 4th Annual Award Ceremony which was held at the Langham Hotel.

“Our next award goes to the “Diplomat of the Year” from Asia. Representing an Island State with big challenges, this Head of Mission is an example of exemplary hard work which has developed the State to State relationships his Country relies on. This Diplomat represents a Nation that has promised an innovative reconstruction focusing on the future by fully mobilizing its signature strength, a resilient and inclusive society at the start of a new era," introducing Dr. Nonis Hugo De Blocq Van Kuffeler said.

Accepting the award Dr. Nonis said: "We now have a historic and unique opportunity to make that transition from Developing to Developed nation, as we build a truly pluralistic society. We are firmly embarked on a comprehensive rehabilitation, reconciliation, and reconstruction programme in our Country and we are indeed building an inclusive society.

As I have always said, “I am not Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, or Burgher, I am Sri Lankan, and I am proud to be Sri Lankan. I am particularly proud to be Sri Lankan on this day, because by winning this award the entire International Community has given an index of confidence in our country. I thank you and I invite you all to join in Sri Lanka’s Renaissance,” the High Commissioner added.

This is the first time in the history Sri Lankan Ambassador has won such a prestige award in London.

High Commissioners, Ambassadors and the diplomats representing Thailand, Romania, Bahrain, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Rwanda, Egypt, Colombia and Macedonia were among the other award winners under 12 different categories at the ceremony.





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