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Friday, April 27, 2012 - 6.40 GMT
Rs. 8,600 million in this year to develop thousand schools


A provision of Rs. 8,600 million has been allocated by the Treasury in this year to develop thousand schools.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has proposed the “Thousand Secondary Schools Development Programme” through 2012 budget speech which aims to develop a network of five thousand primary schools.

Under this programme, it is expected to develop 300 secondary schools and 700 primary schools in this year.

836 schools have already been selected for the said programme. In selecting schools, secondary schools have been selected so as to represent each and every Divisional Secretary’s division. A number of primary schools will be developed so as to link 3-5 primary schools which are affiliated to every secondary school, says the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Priority will be given for development of school buildings, improvement of quality of school text books and school equipment and upgrading sanitary facilities of students. For this purpose, it has been planned to establish a technical laboratory for each and every secondary school and it consists of an Information Technology Laboratory with 50 computers, a Mathematical Laboratory, a Language Laboratory and Nanasa Distance Education Unit, the Ministry further said.

The main objective of this project is to reduce the percentage of students who are following the Advance Level in Arts stream and to promote participation of students in Science and Commerce streams instead. Further, it will create an environment which enables students to get technical and professional skills to face the realities of labor market. It is expected to fulfill equal opportunities of education under the fields of Science and Mathematics, Information Technology, English and Foreign Language Studies, Aesthetic Studies and Sports.





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