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Wednesday, May 02, 2012 - 05.40 GMT
Unity of working people is essential to rebuild the nation – President


The unity of working people essential to rebuild the nation and I am confident that you will not deviate from this task, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

President Rajapaksa addressing the May Day rally of the United People’s Freedom Alliance at the Colombo Municipal Council grounds yesterday said that he will not permit outside influences to create disputes and destabilize the country.

“We will never deny the people’s right to change governments through Universal Adult Franchise,” he said.

The President stressed the importance of increasing the country’s productivity as ‘imperialists are operating in various forms to acquire national assets’.

The President said imperialists are still under the impression that countries like Sri Lanka are their colonies and it was for this reason that ‘they exert more pressure on us’.

The President emphasized that what the government, the working community and the country at large have gained should be protected from these imperialists. “The country was deprived of the GSP facility and the Opposition thought that the government was on the verge of being overthrown by the working masses.’ ‘But that did not happen’, the President added.

President Rajapaksa said that the members of the working class worked harder and effectively tackled the challenge facing the country.

The President said that the working masses, irrespective of racial, religious and other petty differences should show more commitment to the country.

He stressed that the government led by him adopted a policy of not recognising such differences in its effort to achieve freedom for the country. The President said that the United National Party should apologize for depriving the Tamil community of its rights in the Jaffna district by carrying out the infamous vote rigging at the District Development Council election in Jaffna and for the destruction of the Jaffna Library before they hold a May Day rally in Jaffna.

“I was delighted on hearing the news that the UNP was organizing its Rally in Jaffna after the government wiped out terrorism from the country, he said.

President Rajapaksa said that the government increased the workforce in the government sector and one in every ten persons is a government servant at present.

He stressed that the government did not adopt a policy of privatizing state ventures to fill the state coffers. The President recollected how the state workforce was dwindling during the UNP regime as they adopted a policy of not recruiting personnel for state sector.

“We have ensured a better future for the members of the working community. The President said that the government faced the looming food crisis by initiating a number of programmes to grow food crops locally and these programmes have borne fruit. He said that the people themselves can feel how their village, town and cities and the country at large are being developed.

The President said that the government has placed enormous confidence in the working masses and has built up a stable economy in the country , he said.






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