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Wednesday, May 09, 2012 - 05.30 GMT
'The use of cluster bombs in Sri Lanka' - Fact or Fiction ?


The 'cluster bomb' rhetoric - latest munitions fired by the proxy-terror cults and its patrons at continuing foul cries of alleged 'war crimes' is no surprise to those aware of the spin doctoring campaigns against Sri Lanka.

Despite the hullabaloo in the eve of the UNHRC session in March, the terror nexus fell short at tabling its cooked charges. Adding insult to injury, all the millions of dollars flooded at swaying popular sympathy towards the terror cults only resulted at gaining a marginal vote.

The Sri Lankan delegation rode the waves high as the terror cults were left with their wrecked lies and eggs on their face.

'The use of cluster bombs in Sri Lanka- Fact or Fiction' is a timely article by a special correspondent, posted in its original version for the discretion of our valuable readership. It provides with revelation into facts and undeniable truth of the cynical allegations.

Read the full article at: USE OF CLUSTER BOMBS IN SRI LANKA - FACT OR FICTION-1.pdf

Courtesy: Ministry of Defence and Urban Development





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