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Friday, May 11, 2012 - 05.47 GMT
Norochcholai Phase 1, a resounding success


The Norochcholai Power Plant has helped save around US $ 6.5 million per year on a unit of power, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) sources said.

According to a test carried out last month, it has been found the Norochcholai Power Plant has successfully achieved its performance tests for the unit in various aspects, reported

The test results have also proved that the performance of the unit in various aspects has exceeded the stipulated levels, standing in contrast with the recent negative reports on the power plant.

It has been found that the actual boiler efficiency has been 94 percent whereas the contract requirement was 91 percent. The auxiliary power consumption has been 27,266 kwh whereas the contract requirement was 29,900kwh.

The turbine heat rate has also been maintained below the contractual requirement.

The plant saves about USD 3 million per year per one unit due to high boiler efficiency, and approximately another USD 3 million per year per unit from less auxiliary power This power plant has also proved to be an environmentally friendly unit with regard to various emission levels, temperature rise and efficiency rates.

The sources pointed out that the figures of the test results have proved phase one of the Norochcholai Power Plant is quite a success, and is a giant achievement by the CEB and the government and would be of benefit to the people.





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