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Tuesday, June 12 , 2012 - 6.18 GMT
SriLankan joins ‘Oneworld alliance’


SriLankan Airlines has joined the elite group of ‘Oneworld alliance’ at the beginning of the 68th IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and World Air Transport Summit at the World Trade Hotel here yesterday.

“The quality of service maintained by SriLankan airlines was the key to it being linked to this network,” said John Slosar CEO of Cathay Pacific which assited SriLankan airlines to get in to this alliance.

“The timing is perfect as Sri Lanka’s economy is doing very well,” Tom Hortan from American Airlines said.

According to Daily News Business, this liaison would first add global prestige to the airline as it would be linked with 824 new destinations all over the world and it would fly alongside some of the biggest and best brands in the airline business.

It would also give passengers using Sri Lankan Airline numerous benefits, such as purchasing air tickets to any part of the world and passengers would get greater support. The Fly Smiles loyalty card members would be able to add points when flying with other airlines attached to this alliance and they would also get to use the lounges in over 150 countries.

"Oneworld", is one of the world's three largest global airline alliances with its central management team, based in New York City, New York, USA. 'Oneworld' was founded in 1999 by American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas. The 'Oneworld' has over 900 flights taking off each day and Sri Lanka’s passengers could purchase tickets to this.

The 200,000 Fly Smile card members will be able to earn and redeem rewards on any of 'Onewolrd’s ' other carriers, with top their members able to use any of the group’s 550 plus airport lounges, and its network will be covered by 'Oneworld’s' market leading range of alliance fares.





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