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Wednesday, June 13 , 2012 - 10.17 GMT
British MPs commend President's visit to London


Several British Parliamentarians welcomed President Rajapaksa's recently concluded visit to London.

As Sri Lanka moves into a period of post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction President Mahinda Rajapaksa's visit was a key opportunity to strengthen international ties. In taking part in the celebrations, and also taking the time to engage so constructively with British Parliamentarians, the President and the government of Sri Lanka sent an important message of engagement and openness that will not have been lost on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This visit can hopefully seen as a watershed, ushering in a new period of engagement as the UK and Sri Lanka move forward to the mutual benefit of both nations, James Wharton, MP for Stockton South said.

The visit by the President of Sri Lanka to the United Kingdom was a wonderful success and bodes well for a new and better relationship between our two countries. This visit was probably one of the most comprehensive visits ever undertaken and I hope the President and his delegation found it as useful as we in the UK benefited from his presence, Ian Paisley said.

I know the President is going to continue to be a significant influence for good, peace and stability in Sri Lanka, he further said.

I was so pleased to hear President Rajapaksa was invited to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations as I knew it would give confidence to the British Government and the vast majority of the British people. Of course the Tamil Eelam activists, many of whom have never been to Sri Lanka in 40 years and incidentally according to the many Tamils I met in Jaffna have done little or nothing to help their fellow Tamils with reconstruction were bound to cause trouble, Lord Naseby, Chairman of All Party Sri Lanka Parliamentary Group said.

I felt that the meeting you hosted at your residence was extremely fruitful, as it gave a cross section of parliamentarians the opportunity to meet your President, whilst at the same time affording him the opportunity to appraise us of the current positive developments in Sri Lanka in the post-conflict era, Dennis Rogan said.





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