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Wednesday, June 27 , 2012 - 8.10 GMT
Police investigates on bogus asylum seekers


A considerable number of people living in the north have been successful in obtaining forged documents in certain occasions with the collaborated assistance of public representatives indicating that they have undergone abuse and assault. By way of lodging falsified complaints at the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka indicating noticeable victimization at the hands of the security forces ultimately results in submission of such bogus claims to visa authorities of western nations, which in turn accepts them as sufficient proof successfully paving the way for the issuance of visas and safe passage to western nations.

On 28th February 2012, Vavuniya Police based on information received managed to apprehend an illegal place where such activities take place and recovered some forged documents, rubber stamps used to provide fake authenticity and related materials used for such illicit activities.

Along with the arrest the items and documents recovered indicate that offenders had in their possession some letters which were addressed to certain individuals informing them to appear at certain Security Forces Bases for investigations. These letters contained the national emblem of Sri Lanka, a forged insignia and a bogus name of a camp which in not in existence.

Having carried out further investigations, it was revealed that the offenders had issued forged documents of this nature to many asylum seekers who are seeking to enter into western shores and obtain "Political Refugee Status". For each such forged letter issued, the offenders had charged Rs 10,000/=.

The arrested persons along with the illegal material were produced before the Vavuniya Magistrate courts under the legal case number B 308/2012 and the legal proceedings are held again on the 6th July 2012. The illegally produced documents were forwarded to the Government Analyst Department for further investigations.

In the wake of on-going investigations into the furnishing of forged documents, allegedly issued by military authorities in the Northern Province, to foreign missions in Colombo, in support of those seeking political asylum, the Defence Ministry wanted the diplomatic community to verify such documents.



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