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Thursday, July 05 , 2012 - 06.28 GMT
US will remain engaged with SL – Ambassador Butenis


The United States will remain engaged with Sri Lanka despite some differences of opinion on the political front, the U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka Patricia Butenis said.

In a message released in Colombo to mark America’s Independence Day, the U.S. Ambassador said that the Sri Lankan government has made progress on the resettlement issue and post war development.

“When I arrived in 2009 the war had just ended and there were literally hundreds of thousands of displaced people that needed to be resettled. Now that’s down to just a few thousand. The government has also made great progress with the rehabilitation of ex-combatants. Demining is another significant achievement,” she said.

She noted however that there still remains a lot to be done and her government stands ready to help Sri Lanka to move forward.

“On the political level we have had to weather some storms. But we’ve come through, and I am certain of our future cooperation. As a friend the United states will continue to partner with Sri Lanka as it moves from a post conflict nation to one truly at peace with others and with itself,” the US Ambassador said.

She also said that the US government will continue with the development programs with the public and private sector in Sri Lanka while helping especially the communities most affected by the conflict.






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