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Monday, July 09 , 2012 - 06.22 GMT
Donít whip up Tamil sentiments Ė Narayanasamy tells TN Mps


Minister of State in PMO V Narayanasamy on Sunday stressed the need for cordial ties with the neighbour in the larger interest of Tamils in Sri Lanka and asked political parties in Tamil Nadu to desist from whipping up Tamil sentiments.

"Sri Lanka is our neighbouring country. There should be cordial and friendly relations with that nation in the larger interest of the Sri Lankan Tamils and also for the protection of hundreds of industrialists, businessmen and traders from India and more particularly from Tamil Nadu doing their business there," PTI reported quoting the Minister.

He said political parties in Tamil Nadu intending to whip up Tamil sentiments should, therefore, bear in mind implications of their activities and ensure that the Tamils and the business community from India in Sri Lanka did not face any embarrassing or critical predicament.

Noting that various leaders in Tamil Nadu had issued statements protesting the training of Sri Lanka Air Force personnel in Tamil Nadu, Narayanasamy said this was a new issue that has cropped up in the state where an uncommon environ was prevailing in view of alleged killing of innocent Sri Lankan Tamils during the war against LTTE.

India was part of SAARC and defence personnel of member nations could be trained in any other member country, he added.

The Centre had been taking care of the rehabilitation of displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka, he said adding he would only urge political parties in Tamil Nadu inclined to do politics by whipping up Tamil sentiments in their pretence to help the Sri Lankan Tamils to desist from their activities.





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