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Friday, July 27 , 2012 - 5.55 GMT
Deported asylum seeker recants on torture claims


The first Tamil asylum seeker to be deported from Australia since the end of Sri Lanka's 27-year conflict has recanted all earlier claims of torture and mistreatment by Sri Lankan authorities.

Speaking to the media officials on his arrival in Colombo yesterday Dayan Anthony insisted he had been well-treated by Sri Lankan police on his return, despite fears held by his Melbourne-based sister and brother-in-law as well as refugee advocates that his life would be in danger if he was returned to Sri Lanka.

The Australian government deported Mr. Anthony last Wednesday, ignoring a last-ditch attempt by the UN Human Rights Commissioner to stop his deportation in Bangkok, saying he had exhausted all legal and ministerial avenues in a 27-month campaign for refugee status , stated The Australian in a report published today (27).

Dayan Anthony withdrew all claims of torture and mistreatment, saying he had lied on the advice of a Malaysian Tamil people smuggling agent in order to secure a refugee visa, the report added.

Mr Anthony told The Australian last night: "I don't have a back problem. I don't have psychological problems. I'm okay. I feel okay."

"When I was flying here I felt I would be tortured and beaten up but I am okay.

"There's a fear psychosis that's created that when you come to Sri Lanka you will be hung up and beaten. But I was taken to the fourth floor and given a cup of tea."

Asked whether the deportee would face further interrogation, a senior security official told The Island that the man was handed over to his mother after the completion of formalities.

There was no necessity to conduct further investigations, he said, adding that the man had gone to Malaysia looking for a job. "Having failed to find a job there, he returned home wanting to seek political asylum in France. Having failed in his attempt, he had reached Australia using fraudulent travel documents," he said.


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