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Tuesday, August 07 , 2012 - 6.25 GMT
Motor Traffic Dept to introduce new vehicle registration


The Department of Motor Traffic is to introduce a new vehicle registration, combination with three English letters for three-wheelers, Commissioner General of Motor Traffic S. H. Harischandra said.

The Department replaced the first vehicle registrations – the ‘Sri’ series, with ‘dash’ series – with two English letter series and will now introduce the three letter series, the Commissioner further said.

Three-wheelers will be issued these new registration numbers till the current two-letter registration ends, he said.

Since August 1 2000 to June 30, 2012 the department had issued 3,046,008 vehicles with the English letter series.

With the introducing of the new letter series the department can issue 6.4 million registration numbers and the number issuing process could be conducted on a long term process. Also the identification of the numbers will be easy, he said.

“As soon as the current two English letter numbering process is over they will introduce the new method to the other vehicles,” he further said.

The fee for the registrations will be the same.
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