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Tuesday, August 07 , 2012 - 6.10 GMT
US $ 3mn investment for Eppawala fertilizer plant


Indian investors are looking at opening a fertilizer plant in Eppawala.

Chairman, NPK Fertilizer Plant of India and the President of the SAARC chamber of Commerce Vikramajith Singh Sahney, said that they are looking at a joint venture.

With the North East opening up the Agriculture industry would pick up and the demand for fertilizer would increase, NPK Fertilizer Chairman said. “Hence we see an opening in Sri Lanka,” he said. In addition we are also looking at exporting the manufactured goods in Sri Lanka back to India and other regional counties.

He said that they are ready to invest around US $ three million to increase capacity of the Eppawala plant.

The State Resources and Enterprise Development Ministry took measures to develop Lanka Phosphate Limited simultaneously with the Deyata Kirula -2012 exhibition with a new plant being established in Eppawala.

Demand for the Single Super Phosphate (SSP) system at the Eppawala Phosphate deposit has reduced and demand for the Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) system has increased.

Arrangements have been made by the Government to follow the TSP system in fertilizer manufacturing. The annual Phosphate requirement of the country is 75,000 metric tons.

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