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Wednesday, August 22 , 2012 - 9.38 GMT
Water purification units for NCP


The Government plans to provide potable water purification units capable of purifying 200 litres of water within an hour to villages in the North Central, North and other areas which are facing a lack of safe drinking water.

These units are also to be provided to areas where there has been an increase in water borne Kidney diseases. There has been an increase of such diseases especially in the North Central Province in recent times.

According to the Ministry of Water Supply and Drainage these water purification units have been designed by local experts and they would be distributed among identified villages shortly.

This was in reply to a question raised by a state official during the recent Vavuniya and Mannar District Development Committee meeting held in Vavuniya under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“Like we developed roads and reduced travel time between areas, we also assure that we will provide safe and clean drinking water to all. We are fully aware of difficulties people are facing including the spread of Kidney disease due to water problems. We will take adequate steps including mega water supple project to alleviate them” the President said at the meeting,” the President said.

The President commissioned two such projects during the weekend. He commissioned the Thantirimale water supply scheme on Thursday, constructed at a cost of Rs 180 million. The President also visited the water purification plant which is capable of treating 1000 cubic meters of water per day for distribution. He also launched the Yan Oya irrigation project on the same day that would provide water for farming and drinking purposes for people in several areas of North Central and Eastern Provinces.

The reservoir with a capacity of 254 million cubic metres is expected to provide water to 5,000 hectare and to benefit directly 12,000 families. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 21 billion.




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Last modified: August 22, 2012.

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