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Tuesday, August 28 , 2012 - 05.46 GMT
I am President of all Sri Lankans


President Mahinda Rajapaksa said he is not only President of the Sinhalese, but, of all the communities in Sri Lanka.

“I am the guardian of you all. I am not President of only the Sinhalese, but, of all communities Tamils, Muslims and all others. Similarly, I stand to safeguard all religions. I am responsible for protecting all religious places of worship be it temple, kovil, mosque, or church”, the President said.

He was addressing the United People’s Freedom Alliance propaganda rally organized in the Kalmunai town yesterday (Aug. 27). A massive crowd representing Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities attended the rally.

The people in the East are with the Government at all times even if certain politicians are trying to damage that confidence by leveling false allegations, he said.

President Rajapaksa stressed that no element will be allowed to disrupt the hard won peace in the country. 'Our War Heroes achieved peace by eliminating terrorism with their supreme sacrifices.

“However, unscrupulous groups are attempting to disrupt peace in the country by arousing communal hatred in society. The Government is committed to steer the country towards development while maintaining lasting peace and harmony”, the President said.

He further said the Government has taken special measures to uplift the education sector in the East. Equal education for all is the prime objective of the government. By providing a better education, children will reach higher positions in the country. After having better education they would find better employment.





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