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Tuesday, August 28 , 2012 - 06.43 GMT
India gives SLR 200mn to upgrade Vavuniya Hospital


The Government of India is undertaking a project to construct a 200-bed ward complex at District Hospital, Vavuniya.

A contract agreement in this connection was entered into by the High Commission of India with M/s Wahid Constructions yesterday (Aug. 27). The Project will be implemented under full grant assistance of the Government of India amounting to SLR 200 million.

The Project for construction of a ward complex at District Hospital, Vavuniya, was submitted by the Ministry of Health & Indigenous Medicine through the Department of External Resources in February 2012.

The Project envisages construction of a four-storey ward complex to improve the existing infrastructure of the hospital to meet the growing demand for better treatment facilities. This will be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Government of Sri Lanka, and the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine, Northern Province, and is expected to be completed by February 2014.

The construction of the 200-bed ward complex at Vavuniya will cater to the medical care needs of in-patients admitted to the Hospital from Vavuniya and adjoining districts.





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