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Tuesday, August 28 , 2012 - 06.46 GMT
Seychelles to implement Divineguma model in $30Mn national project


Seychelles, which has the highest Human Development Index in Africa, wants to implement Divineguma model at its earliest, to kick-start its agricultural revival.

“I want you to send a consultative Divineguma delegation team to Seychelles. I want to introduce the Divineguma model to the more than 8000 people whose livelihoods we are trying to upgrade through community development schemes. Once we start, I will name our own program also as Divineguma” announced Peter Sinon, Seychelles Minister of Natural Resources and Industry.

Minister Sinon was addressing Rishad Bathiudeen, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Sri Lanka on 22 August at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce during the first ever special, business to foreign officials oriented meeting for a visiting high level delegation at the Ministry.

He was responding to Minister Bathiudeen’s statement that Sri Lanka last year exported $ 2.7 Mn of poultry, strengthened by poultry output from Divineguma program.

“I want to incorporate the Divineguma a model to the upcoming Seychelles National Agriculture Investment Program (SNAIP) which is more than $ 30 Mn project to upgrade livelihoods. I have been searching for a suitable model and Divineguma is the answer. The SNAIP is facilitated for Seychelles by the African Development Bank, The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, and New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).”

Minister Rishad extended Sri Lanka’s fullest support and cooperation for Seychelles SNAIP project.





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