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Wednesday, August 29 , 2012 - 06.58 GMT
SriLankan Airlines enters iPad electronic flying age


SriLankan Airlines’ enters the new age of ‘iPad electronic flying’ by switching from using paper manuals, to a 662 gram iPad, as SriLankan becomes Asia’s first airline to use the iPad Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) starting August, 29 2012.

Pilots no longer need to lug 84 kilograms of paper manuals from aircraft to aircraft and from airport to airport and flip through pages, when the process is now streamlined to easy electronic searching. UL 205 bound for Muscat is the first flight to be operated utilizing iPad Class 1 EFBs which are Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) that store all the information that are generally available in several paper manuals, physically carried by pilots for reference.

The iPad EFB is an information management device displaying data intended primarily for flight-deck or cabin use. ‘SriLankan has taken the lead in Asia to revolutionize the flight deck, realizing the vision of paperless flying and becoming Asia ’s first airline to fly with iPad EFBs,’ said SriLankan’s Chairman, Nishantha Wickremasinghe.

iPad EFB usage will also result in reduced weight on board and paper clutter in the cockpit; reduce fuel usage due to more accurate takeoff & landing, weight & balance calculations; improved safety with on-board performance calculations; ability to increase payload with ‘real time’ performance calculations; improved route decisions; and in the whole process, save aircraft engine lifetime.

The versatility of the iPad will also allow to introduce many more features directly related to passengers in the future. “Although a medium sized airline, we are pioneering a next generation pilots’ dream, achieving a milestone in the airline’s history. The iPad EFB usage will enhance operational efficiencies and greatly contribute to providing an efficient, seamless service to passengers’ said SriLankan’s Head of Flight Operations, Captain Navin De Silva.




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Last modified: August 29, 2012.

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