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Wednesday, September 05, 2012 - 7.05 GMT
Incredible development achieved in 3 years – President


The Government brought an incredible level of development to the country in a short period of 3 years. Benefits of that development are enjoyed by all people in Sri Lanka irrespective of race, religion and caste, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

We have just passed three years since defeating terrorism. A comprehensive development process, including electricity, water, roads, education and health is being carried out all over the country, he added.

He was addressing the United People’s Freedom Alliance propaganda rally held in Kantale, Bhathiyagama Provincial Council playground yesterday (Sep. 04).

The Government has launched a programme to expand employment opportunities. It is also taking actions to create new investment zones in the areas destroyed by terrorism, the President said. He added that steps have also been taken to reconstruct national resources such the sugar factory in Kantale which was destroyed by previous Governments.

The President also said that people in the country never forget history. “People who learned from history and can build a good country have now flocked together”, he said.

Addressing a rally near the Kinniya Bridge the same day, President Rajapaksa said the era when people’s mosques and places of worship were destroyed and they were chased away is now over. “The country is going forward by reconstructing the destroyed places of worship and resettling people who were chased out by terrorists”, President said.




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Last modified: September 05, 2012.

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