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Tuesday, October 09, 2012 - 9.04 GMT
Govt. lifts Tamil Nadu travel advisory


The government lifted the travel advisory it earlier issued to Sri Lankans visiting Tamil Nadu.

Issuing a statement the Ministry of External Affairs said the Government of Sri Lanka is pleased that the Government of India, in close consultation with the concerned state governments, has taken and will continue to take all measures to ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of Sri Lankan dignitaries and visitors to all parts of India including Tamil Nadu.

“Following a series of unfortunate incidents faced by Sri Lankans visiting Tamil Nadu, in particular a group of Sri Lankan pilgrims visiting the Poornimatha Church in Thanjavur in early September 2012, the Government of Sri Lanka was compelled to issue a travel advisory for Sri Lankan nationals visiting the state of Tamil Nadu,' the Ministry added.

The Government of Sri Lanka views these incidents as an aberration, and acknowledges that Sri Lanka nationals numbering approximately 200,000 who visit India every year are received warmly in India, including in Tamil Nadu.

People-to-people contact plays an important role in the multifaceted India-Sri Lanka relationship, especially in further promoting historical, cultural and political ties as well as economic and business relations. The Government of Sri Lanka is of the view that this age-old natural process of interaction between our two peoples must flourish, unhindered.

In this context, the Government of Sri Lanka appreciates the comment made by the Hon. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu that the state government of Tamil Nadu is determined to ensure that Sri Lankan visitors to Tamil Nadu are not harmed in any way.

The Government of Sri Lanka has received a large number of requests to lift the Travel Advisory. The Government of Sri Lanka believes that the Travel Advisory is no longer required,” the Ministry further said.





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