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Wednesday, November 07, 2012 - 06.43 GMT

SL today is a land at peace, perhaps the most peaceful country in South Asia
- Kohona at Utah Valley Uni


Sri Lanka today is a land at peace, perhaps the most peaceful country in South Asia. Since the end of the conflict, the government has launched a massive reconstruction and reconciliation process with a view to restoring the economy of the country and to heal the wounds of conflict - to consolidate the hard won peace, said Dr. Palitha Kohona, Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

He made these observations, at the Utah Valley University, USA, on "Sri Lanka Looks Ahead - Winning the Peace".

The unprecedented effort to revive the economy of the whole country – to bring prosperity to all our people, is already beginning to produce results. Simultaneously, the government has begun a process of re-establishing and consolidating the democratic institutions and processes throughout the country while a comprehensive reconciliation programme has also been launched, he said.

It is important to remember that the scars of 27 years will take time to heal, not just three years, Dr. Kohona emphasized.

“Sri Lanka is at a critical juncture in its history and has a unique opportunity to bring its people together and make their island home a better place for all. I am confident that we will deal with the aftermath of our victory over terrorism in a manner that will ensure peace and prosperity to all,” he further said.

“Peace will not come from the mere absence of war; Peace will not come while not addressing hunger, deprivation, marginalization and inequality. Peace will not come from testimony provided to truth commissions or by simply punishing the wicked for past misdeeds. Peace will dawn, when forgiveness spreads its gentle embrace to the fearful; When we treat those who harmed us with dignity and ensure an existence of contentment, equality and opportunity; Then peace will breathe freely. This is what we are seeking to achieve in Sri Lanka,” he added.

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