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Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 5.01 GMT

CB releases guide for doing business in Sri Lanka


Central Bank has released a publication to guide the new investors on how to start up and operate a business venture in the country.

The Central Bank has published the third edition of "A Step by Step Guide to Doing Business in Sri Lanka".

The booklet has the necessary amendments proposed by the relevant institutions up to October 2012 incorporated into the new edition and contains all relevant information on the regulation for starting and operating a business enterprise in Sri Lanka.

The Central Bank says the information contained in this publication has been summarized under 28 main areas pertaining to key business activities.

Some of these include Registering a Business, Obtaining the Board of Investment Approval, Obtaining a Preliminary Planning Clearance/ Development Permit/ Certificate of Conformity, Registering of a Property, Obtaining Telephone, Electricity &Water Supply Connections, Paying EPF & ETF, and Obtaining Tax Payer Identification etc.

Further, it also provides information on general topics of interest such as Obtaining a Passport, Obtaining Visas to Sri Lanka, Purchasing of Land by Non-Citizens, Industrial Pollution Control and Approval of New Projects, Contacting Police, Enforcing a Contract and Paying Compensation to Staff.

Under each subject, comprehensive information is provided on relevant institutions, documentary requirements, regulatory clearances, associated costs and contact details of senior officers in relevant institutions and web-site addresses in order to assist users to obtain further clarifications if required.





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