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Friday, December 07, 2012 - 6.01 GMT

India sensitive to needs of neighbours - Defence analyst


India firmly believes that prosperous neighbours will help ensure her security and she keeps on providing assistance to neighbouring countries in the region, Chief of Indian Defence Studies and Analyses Institute Dr. Aravind Gupta said.

He said India has a strategic relationship with its partners, including, Afghanistan it is very much sensitive to the needs of neighbouring countries.

Dr. Gupta was delivering a lecture on Trends in Indian Foreign Policy at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute for International Relations and Strategic Studies(LKIIRSS) yesterday. It was the first lecture organized by the LKIIRSS in collaboration with the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies.

“South Asia can work together and each country in the region is important” There has to be greater connectivity between countrys in the region, he said.

Dr. Gupta said his country at the same time expects that the India’s concerns in terms of its security will also be taken into account by its neighbours. He added that India is seriously concerned over the security of their vital sea lanes.

“The maritime dimension of the Indian Foreign policy is becoming important “, he said. He said that his country has adopted many approaches in dealing with terrorism.

Gupta said that India’s Navy is growing as net security provider and it was the first Navy to respond the 2004 tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean.

He was of the view that regional organizations such as SAARC has to be strengthened to promote more relations between the countries in the region.

The Indian official while scoffing at the notion that India and US have come to an agreement to contain China, said that his country has very close cooperation with China in many fields including climate change. He added that India is focusing on ties with the Asia Pacific region, including, Korea and China too. Gupta added that every country is linked with Chinese economy and no country is able to remain isolated under the present globalized world. He said India’s sentiment is the devolution of power in Sri Lanka . He was of the view that Sri Lankans should decide as to how power should be devolved.





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