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Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 08.25 GMT

Parents of Jaffna University students protest against TNA


Parents of the Jaffna University students staged a protest against the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) yesterday in Kilinochchi accusing the Party of misleading the student community.

A group of TNA members, led by TNA Parliamentarian, S. Sridharan and Gajendrakumar of the Tamil National Front, had organized a protest in Kilinochchi against the arrest of the university students.

After some time a group of about 150 people, including the parents of the university students, holding handwritten placards had started protesting against the TNA members.

The parents and families carried placards that asked,

"Where was MP Sridharan and his group when the LTTE caught our children to fight a futile war against the government?

Where did Mr. Gajendra went to study when the LTTE refused to give permission for selected university students to attend universities and were forced to die for their 'dreamland’ ?

Where did you study Gajendrakumar? ‘

Why do you want to disturb our children’s university education?

Are you trying to pull us down to another black era?

Why did the TNA maintain silence when our children were taken to die for nothing?’”

Following the protest by the parents supported by several others, the TNA members had to withdraw from the place where the protest had been staged.





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