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Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 05.36 GMT

Shelter for Women Victims of Human Trafficking opens in SL


The United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka Michele Sison Wednesday opened a shelter for victims of trafficking in Sri Lanka made possible by a US$300,000 donation from the United States Department of State.

Opening the first government-run shelter for trafficking victims, Ambassador Sison said the shelter is an example of how the two governments - Sri Lankan and US, non-governmental organizations, and the international community can work together to share expertise and best-practices and marshal resources to improve lives of people in Sri Lanka.

Supporting the creation of this shelter is one piece of a larger commitment by the U.S. government to benefit women in Sri Lanka, the Ambassador said.

“We support greater access to education, assisting women with economic development projects, and protect vulnerable women such as those who have been trafficked,” she further said.

The shelter for victims will fulfill Sri Lanka’s international obligations in the protection of victims of human trafficking. It is also symbolically important because it demonstrates Sri Lanka’s dedication to helping some of its most vulnerable people, and it shows what we all can do by working together, she added.






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