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Friday, December 14, 2012 - 05.17 GMT

The Modern Day Mercenaries: LTTE - Foreign NGO links revealed
By David Ferguson


When the terror reign of the LTTE was beaten once and for all from the shores of Sri Lanka in 2009 it came as shock to their proxies, supporters and terrorist sympathisers all over the world. The LTTE, an internationally banned terrorist outfit ran a business operation spanning a number of western and eastern nations. These business ventures were mostly illegal operations like drug trafficking, human and arms smuggling which raked in millions of dollars in return. For this they had acquired a fleet of ships which flew flags of convenience to suit its many sinister operations.

Through their agents in the LTTE was able to collect Millions of dollars on daily, monthly and annually from the Tamil Diaspora who helped to fill their coffers voluntarily or coerced to pay. Apart from this there were other means of income for the terrorists.

These huge offshore funds were funnelled in to keep the fire of terror in Sri Lanka burning. The continuation of war in the Island ensured their sustenance.

With the war against terrorism coming to a successful end the LTTE rump was left helpless and desperate. But for the people of Sri Lanka regardless of race or religion it was freedom from suicide killing, bomb blasts, forced conscription of child soldiers, death and destruction. They heaved a sigh of relief especially the people of the northern conflict zone as for the past three decades they lived in constant fear and uncertainty. With the ushering of peace the dawn of development had blanketed the nation and people have already reaping the benefits of it.

It is in this backdrop that the remnant groups started their hate campaign against Sri Lanka. In order to keep the fire of hatred and separatism burning they are spending lavishly on 'buying' the services of hired hands and non governmental anti peace band wagons both in the Island and abroad. For these 'torch bearers' Sri Lanka bashing is big business.

The disinformation campaign against Sri Lanka is funded and coordinated by the pro-LTTE diaspora groups using the services of fee based lobbying companies. There is clear evidence that many of the campaigners against Sri Lanka have lucrative positions with the lobbying companies that are under contract by the pro-LTTE diaspora.

The well-coordinated global campaign against Sri Lanka is largely funded by the pro-LTTE groups with what is believed to be proceeds of terrorist financing. The timing and release of reports and statements critical of Sri Lanka is coordinated by such insidious links and the readiness of so-called human rights organisations and eminent personalities to serve as mercenaries for the LTTE.

The following diagram reveals links of the LTTE rump with organizations that serve its sinister motives.

The true motives behind all propaganda attempts supportive of the LTTE terrorists should be exposed for the world to see. Propaganda or psychological operations when it comes to the strict military terms, is a part and parcel of military strategy. Those who enjoyed making lucrative business, routine foreign tours while seeking years of asylum in the Western countries sanitizing a terrorist cause may be extremely disturbed by the revelation made. But the canard they try to weave with baseless allegations and downright lies against Sri Lanka will be proven wrong. Because two 'wrongs' (Before May 2009 and after 2009) will never make a 'right'!.
Courtesy: Ministry of Defence and Urban Development





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