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Saturday, December 22, 2012 - 07.41 GMT

Flood toll rises to 27, govt to pay compensation to affected families


The death toll from the recent floods and landslides reached 27 as rain continued in the country.

The overnment has decided to compensate the people affected by the disaster.

According to the latest figures from Disaster Management Center (DMC), 14 people are missing and 36 were injured in the floods that had submerged seven out of the nine provinces - Central, North Central, North Western, Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Southern and Eastern Provinces.

A total of 56,543 people from 15, 552 families have been displaced from their homes to 171 shelters across the country while 329,401 people from 82,821 families have been affected by the adverse weather.

Spilling at the major water reservoirs of Kalawewa, Rajanganaya, Nachchaduwa and Mahakanadarawa in Anuradhapura are continuing although according to the Irrigation Department spill levels are reducing in all tanks. Additionally 54 small tanks are spilling at the moment, the DMC said.

The flooding and landslide had fully damaged 1,442 houses and partially damaged another 4,879 houses.

Disaster management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that an allowance of 15,000 rupees will be paid for the funerals of each who were killed by the disasters.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan government under a directive of the President has allocated Rs. 100 million to pay compensation to the owners of the houses damaged by the adverse weather.

The government has decided to pay a compensation of Rs.100,000 to a family for a house that has been totally damaged and Rs.50,000 for a partly damaged house.

The Ministry Of Economic Development will also implement a programme to pay compensation to crops damaged by heavy rain and floods.

The government has drawn up a programme to provide cooked meals and dry rations as well as to meet the health needs of the affected people.



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