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Friday, January 18, 2013 - 05.17 GMT

Riding Sri Lanka’s new wave


There are not many places on Earth where travellers can surf world-class waves in the morning, have a close encounter with an elephant at lunchtime and be back in the water by mid afternoon. Arugam Bay, on Sri Lanka’s eastern coast, is one such place, and since the country’s war ended three years ago, the small town has been busier than ever – despite how hard it is to get to, states BBC- Travel in a report published yesterday (17).

On a good day, rides of 500m are not uncommon. As can be expected with famous breaks such as this, the crowds were out – much of it made up with Italian and Israeli surfers, says the writer.

To get up close to the wildlife, visitors can opt for a conventional safari -- or ask a tuk-tuk driver to lead the way , Kieran Nash, BBC writer explains.

“Sadid, a middle-aged local tuk-tuk driver, took me to a collection of flat rocks covered in white stains near Crocodile Rock. A “crocodile toilet”, quoting the driver Nash said.

“Since the creatures remained hidden, Sadid commandeered a thin canoe and we paddled into the lagoon to take a closer look. Across the water, a small herd of elephants, two adults and a child, emerged from the brush, and closer to the canoe, a herd of water buffalo lay all but submerged in the bleary green waters, escaping the late morning sun, he further said.

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