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Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 06.29 GMT

2013 Defence Seminar to focus on post-war challenges and regional stability


Sri Lanka Army's annual Defence Seminar this year will focus on the post-war challenges of the country and regional stability, the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya said.

The third Annual Defence Seminar - 2013 is scheduled to be held September 3 - 5, 2013 at Galadari Hotel in Colombo, the Army Commander announced at a press briefing yesterday.

The three-day meeting will focus on Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Social Integration, Reconciliation, and Regional Stability and will seek possibilities of strengthening regional stability further in a global perspective.

The Army has sent invitations to foreign delegates, contributors, and observers of over 62 countries, the Commander said.

The seminar offers a wide scope of thought-provoking and lively interactive sessions in an open setting, he said.

This year's sessions are to be led by internationally recognized panelists, representing national, regional and global perspectives and security issues.

According to Lieutenant General Jayasuriya, the seminar will look more towards the contribution from international independent think-tanks, not belonging to any state.

"More than military personnel, there will be contribution from those independent intellectuals who can enlighten on these topical matters", the Commander said.

Commenting on the last year's seminar, the Commander said several countries are now sending more military officers for training exercises with Sri Lankan Army to learn from the country's experience in eliminating terrorism.

"Sri Lanka in that direction remains exceptional as one which has found a solution to the question of terrorism in the 21st century," the Commander added.

The Army held the inaugural Defence Seminar-2011 on the theme 'Defeating Terrorism-Sri Lankan Experience' in May last year with the participation of representatives from more than 41 countries.

Defence Seminar-2012 held on the theme 'Towards Lasting Peace and Stability', focused on the post-war 5Rs - Rehabilitation, Re-integration, Re-construction, Resettlement and Reconciliation.






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